“An interesting choice of material and it has a nice concept album sort of feel to it. A quality that is sadly lacking in today’s MP3 download world. Of course the picking was great too.”

                                      Kent Hoffman; producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Toronto


“…an illustrated survey of American roots music, with the erudite Mr. Nemerov sharing his insight…the details he has at his fingertips such as his stories of Irish drystane dyke workers on a Tennessee plantation [make for]  a frequently fascinating trawl.”

                                      The Herald, Glasgow, Scotland


“…enjoyable, laid-back rambles…with warmth, chops and a deep knowledge of how to use them.”

                                      The Nashville Scene


“I sure am impressed with your work, very subtle, powerful…just like a fine, goddamn vintage.”

                                      Blaine Dunlap; filmmaker, Emmy winner, New Orleans


“What a pleasant surprise to hear as I waited in line to have my car’s emissions tested. I am happy to report your performance and patois put me in an extremely relaxed frame of mind, always a plus when you’re about to have a long rod shoved up your tailpipe.”

                                      Too Slim; bassist with Riders in the Sky, Nashville


“…recording is wonderful…great material. My socks are knocked off, and my underwear has a spot”

                                      Joe Wilson; National Council for Traditional Arts, Washington, D.C.


“Great songs, impeccable pickin’ & slidin’, and some mighty pleasing crooning. What’s there for a southern boy not to like?”

                                      Mick Buck; Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville


“Bruce’s show at Leith yesterday was breathtaking—150 years of American folk music in 2X45 minute sets. As much an education as a fantastic performance, delivered by a delightful man.”

                                        Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh, Scotland


“…straightforward no-frills style has a homespun, archaic charm and the overall effect is charming.”

                                        fROOTS magazine; UK



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